The Hire Sense


6 Month Warranty Program

We are pleased to announce the Select Metrix 6 month warranty on all sales positions filled using the Select Metrix process. Our industry-leading warranty encompasses far more than simple replacement insurance. The warranty program is actually that – a program that incorporates best practices for the “onboarding” of salespeople.

If you are asking yourself questions like:

How do I get the most out of this new salesperson?
What skill areas should I focus on to get them up to speed?
What milestones and measurements do we need to put in place?
What internal resources are needed to make all of this happen?
How do we make them feel at home and part of the team?
Is it reasonable to expect a 90 day decision to ensure success – Just to be safe in the typical warranty window?

The warranty program provides guidance to the hiring manager based on the superior objective data we collect for each salesperson while simultaneously leveraging our sales management expertise. We convert the data into a customized, actionable program for each salesperson you hire which shortens the ramp to revenue.

Included in the program:
-Complete salesperson and sales manager explanation and interpretation of assessment results
-Customized sales development plan with specific growth guidelines
-Exclusive access to our sales manager support during the critical onramping period
-Milestones to measure effectiveness and establish ongoing development and retention

To learn more about the Select Metrix 6 month warranty program or our unique hiring process, please contact us directly.