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Sales Skills - Qualifying

The questioning and detailed needs analysis stage of the sale, this step of selling enables the salesperson to discover what the prospect will buy, when they will buy and under what conditions they will buy.  It is allowing the prospect to identify and verbalize their level of interest and specific detailed needs in the product or service the salesperson is offering. 

As a Strength: The salesperson asks penetrating questions that cut right to the crux of the needed information. Their skillful questioning ability is further supported by their ability to attentively listen to the prospect’s response.

As a Weakness: The salesperson may prefer to talk about benefits as opposed to qualifying for needs. More common is a lack of discovering all of the information necessary to determine whether they have a legitimate prospect or not.

Applications: An important skill set when your product or service is a high value/high price solution. Salespeople with these skills are proficient at separating the tire-kickers from the serious prospects.

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